PDT Temperature Control Systems

Precision Dispense Technologies offers customized temperature control systems that will keep your dispensing equipment operating at peak performance year round. PDT’s designers can integrate your storage, supply and dispensing operations with temperature controlled rooms and material conditioning systems in a way that maximizes floor space and gives you better quality and process control. 

  • Custom sizes and shapes

  • Durable sheet metal construction/insulated

  • Heat-pump control for heating and cooling

  • Hinged or sliding access doors

  • Digital monitoring controls with alarms

  • Designed for for transfer pumps, drums or totes

  • Booms to support hoses and guns 

  • Bulkhead connections

  • Bi-temp heating and coollng units

  • Drums and totes

  • Single system or header supply systems

  • Material heat exchangers

  • Conditioning hoses

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Drum conditioners

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