PDT Tote Systems

Tote systems are ideal for high volume applications with gravity-fed materials. Our standard tote holds approximately 345 gallons of material and has a bottom outlet and ports for desiccants or nitrogen blankets. The solid frame allows rear loading of two totes, which are mounted high enough to gravity feed reservoirs or supply pumps. To make replacement easy, all of the fittings and hoses have quick disconnects.


  • Heavy duty, rugged frame and skid

  • Fork pockets for ease of transport

  • 15 gallon or 30 gallon steel reservoirs

  • Reservoirs are Teflon* coated inside

  • Conical shaped reservoirs eliminate dead spots

  • Outlet/ports for desiccants or nitrogen blankets

  • Reservoir tops are removable for cleaning

  • High enough for gravity feeding reservoirs/pumps

  • Quick release fittings for material hose

  • Low level sensors

  • Integration with metering systems

  • Polyethylene reservoirs

  • Material heat exchangers

  • Conditioning hoses

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Drum conditioners

  • Pipe stand supply pumps

  • Custom designs available

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