PDT 5001 2K Servo Driven Shot Meter

The PDT 5001 2K Shot Meter, also called rod displacement meter, accommodates single-component materials that have heavy fills or high viscosity. A non-coupled rod allows for a first-in, first-out material flow, reducing air traps in the meter and providing clean, precise shots. Flow-regulated inlet valves open, filling meter chamber and pushing the displacement rods up into full position. A proximity switch will verify this position and close the inlet valves, ready to deliver a perfect shot. When the gun valve opens, the servo linear actuator will drive the material through the system.

We can build your PDT 5001 2K Shot Meter to match any flow rate or shot size requirement, from 1:1 ratio to 10:1 ratio mix. An electric drive with a PLC that can be integrated into your existing controls make this a perfect unit for automatic dispensing and robotic applications.

  • Electric motor for instantaneous response
  • Higher accuracy than flow-thru dispenser
  • First-in, first-out material flow
  • Modular inlet and outlet valves
  • Compact and lightweight at less than 20 lbs
  • Constant system pressure
  • Repeatable displacement shot
  • Handle higher viscosity or filled materials
  • Monitoring verification of controlled shots

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PDT 5001 2K Servo