PDT 5 Gallon Pail Pumps

PDT supplies a wide variety of 5 Gallon Pail Pumps to meet the needs of any dispensing system. The pumps are available in several materials and configurations offering dispensing pressures from 500 psi to 6500 psi. These pumps are easily integrated for continuous operations with crossover systems and devices that will send signals to the control system and trigger alarms.

  • Pump designs to match the material requirements
  • Air preparations and controls included
  • Heavy duty cast follower plates
  • Air bleed port on the pump outlet
  • Air bleed “T” handle on the follower plate
  • Air assist valve for pail removal
  • 20″W x 24″L x 65″H Footprint
  • Reliable post-sale service

  • Low level indicators or shutdown controls
  • Automatic crossovers
  • Seal materials for main rod and follower plate
  • Air to material pressure ratio from 10:1 to 65:1
  • Chop check or double ball design
  • Coated or stainless steel

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