Hil-Man Automation Announces New Venture, Precision Dispense Technologies, in Response to Loss of Dispensing Products Supplier for Automated Applications of Primer and Adhesives.

ZEELAND, Mich., June 28, 2019 — Hil-Man Automation recently launched a new company, Precision Dispense Technologies, to supply its advanced manufacturing customers with a complete line of meter-mix and dispensing products to meet their primer and adhesive application needs.

Hil-Man Automation’s turn key automated manufacturing systems often feature the dispensing products that Precision Dispense Technologies will sell and service. Leveraging the advanced manufacturing expertise and capabilities of Hil-Man Automation, Precision Dispense Technologies is prepared to provide exceptional service to manufacturers.

In addition, the company’s newly appointed sales representative and project manager, Scott Reynaert, has over 16 years of dispensing knowledge under his belt. He’s confident that “with a respected company like Hil-Man Automation to support us, Precision Dispense Technologies will be the reliable source for dispensing systems and parts that manufacturers need and be able to offer valuable engineering expertise on the front end to ensure success upon launch.”

West Michigan’s automation sector continues to thrive and evolve, as evidenced by the sustained growth of automation suppliers like Hil-Man, and consistently positive industry assessments, like this MiBiz article from March 2018. Automotive, furniture and consumer products manufacturers leading the automation charge continue to require precise dispensing solutions that can achieve accuracy and repeatability. 

“We’re excited about Precision Dispense Technologies, and we know our customers are too. We look forward to collaborating with our customers and suppliers to deliver world-class automation solutions while upholding our exceptional customer service and quality manufacturing,” said Tim Boeve, Owner and President of Hil-Man Automation and Precision Dispense Technologies.

About Hil-Man Automation

Headquartered in the growing automation hub of Zeeland, Michigan, Hil-Man has been providing turn-key, custom automation solutions to advanced manufacturers since 2003. 

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Media Contact: Julie Blakely

About Precision Dispense Technologies

Precision Dispense Technologies serves advanced manufacturers with high quality automated dispensing systems for adhesives and primers. 

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Media Contact: Scott Reynaert


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