PDT Pail Rack with Reservoir

The PDT Pail Rack with Reservoir offers a floor saving alternative to the 55 gallon drums. Instead, two 5 gallon pails flow into a Teflon-lined, 15 gallon reservoir which then flows into the metering system. The pails are loaded onto cradles at a low height (about 33”) and then swung up to a vertical position before the material hoses are connected. Low level sensors indicate when a pail needs changing while the reservoir still has enough volume to keep production going uninterrupted.

  • Tilting 5 gallon cradles

  • 15 gallon or 30 gallon steel reservoirs

  • Reservoirs are Teflon* coated inside

  • Reservoirs are conical shaped to eliminate dead spots

  • Reservoir tops are removable for cleaning

  • Quick release fittings for material hose

  • Desiccant cartridge feeding pails

  • Includes awl to perforate pail for desiccant fitting

  • Low level sensors

  • Integration with metering systems

  • Polyethylene reservoirs

  • Full drip pan with room for meter

  • Material heat exchangers

  • Conditioning hoses

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Drum conditioners

  • Custom designs

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Pail Rack 676