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Industrial robotics is crucial to the automation industry in this new manufacturing era. It has led to a huge increase in output, and manufacturers can lower manufacturing costs, increase production speed, and enhance product quality. Applications for industrial robotics can be found in many manufacturing industries, including factories and warehouses.

What Is Robotic Dispensing for Adhesives?

Robotic gluing is an automated assembly using preprogrammed equipment and machinery dispensing adhesive components repeatedly and consistently. Leveraging this technique reduces the possibility of human error.

The robotic dispensing process is made up of these basic components:

  • Preprogrammed machine
  • Robot arm with a dispenser of glue or adhesive adjoined
  • Stationary glue dispenser that a robot moves the needed part or object around (integrated dispensing)

A Fanuc robot is one of the most common options for this type of manufacturing requirement. However, other options may be a better fit, depending on the kind of material and the industry. For instance, an automatic folding and gluing machine is ideal for printing but may not be suitable for packaging production.

Working with an automation expert who understands what type of robotic automation solution best suits your needs, budget, and specialized industry is critical.

Top Considerations When Investing in an Automated Adhesive Dispensing Solution

Manual handling requires more labor for operators and adds extra steps to the manufacturing flow. Additionally, this increases the potential for material contamination or processing mistakes.

On the other hand, automation in adhesive dispensing procedures lowers production errors and provides several other advantages. Thus, choosing the right automation solution provider is crucial.

Here are some tips to help you with where and how to look for the best partner for this requirement:

Adhesive Compatibility

Most automated adhesive dispensing systems can dispense many hot melts or adhesives. Depending on the needs of your application, pick a system and provider compatible with the range of materials your project requires.

Safety and Ease of Use

Ensure the automated adhesive dispensing system you choose is user-friendly and secure for the environment and the operator. Pressure sensors, fail-safes, and alarms that notify operators of issues should all be included in the designs. It’s also critical to search for features like interfaces that let you monitor the system’s performance in real-time.

A reliable automation provider will provide details about these beneficial features for your production line.

Reliability and Durability

An automated adhesive dispensing solution is a significant investment for your business, so you must select one guaranteed to produce accurate, repeatable results. It must also be sustainable for your manufacturing operations in terms of variability and capability.

Hil-Man Automation dominates the industry with the best-designed, most industrialized dispensing machines on the market. With capabilities that redefine the terms simple, straightforward, and operator friendly, these systems are increasingly taking over as the preferred option for most businesses in Michigan and nearby areas.

Training and Assistance

Hil-Man Automation offers thorough technical training through interactive, instructor-led classes on-site or on our manufacturing floor. This allows our employees and organizations to take advantage of our automation systems’ capabilities and advantages.

Hil-Man Automation for Your Robotic Automation Adhesive Needs

No company provides as many options for robotic adhesive dispensing as Hil-Man Automation! We can assist you in selecting the ideal machine, fixturing, and tooling combination from our collection of time-tested designs to launch your product into the market fast and effectively.

Our highly trained engineering and production teams have created sophisticated, specialized equipment, work cells, and straightforward automated fixtures. Thus, we can build from your design or provide you with a concept-to-completion turnkey program!

Contact us today to get a quote or to schedule a visit for a project consultation.