PDT Mixer Shrouds

Precision Dispense Technologies has the largest variety of mixer shrouds in the dispensing business. Many of our shrouds are designed and manufactured in-house at PDT. We carry an extensive inventory of both TAH and Conprotec brands of mixer shrouds allowing us to ship most orders same day. 

  • Common mating features on all mixer sizes
  • Numerous mixing element options
  • Match any flow rate w/various diameter housings
  • Assorted tip configurations
  • Disposable – no solvent required
  • Round and square designs available
  • Low cost solution
  • Laminar flow mixing
  • Low pressure drop

  • One-piece mixer shrouds
  • Two-piece mixer shrouds (specials)
  • Aluminum, steel or nylatron shroud materials
  • Luer Lok fittings & Luer needle tips
  • Matching marrying block or manifold
  • Overnight cap for marrying block
  • Ratio check splitter block
  • Support washer