PDT Auto Purge Shot Timer System

The PDT Auto Purge Shot Timer, also called a Purgestand, adds functionality to our trusted shot timer, which dispenses a preset amount of adhesive at a preset time increment. By building the timer into a customized stand and integrating auto-purge functionality, the operator can easily conveniently holster the gun between shots without worrying about the mixer curing. 

When the gun is placed into the holster, the timer/counter unit automatically purges fresh adhesive into the gun for a preset amount of time, then shuts down the system once that count is reached to reduce adhesive waste. A red light goes on signaling the operator to do a mixer change before using the gun again. Removing the gun from the holster or pulling the trigger on the gun resets the timer/counter and red fault light. The system can also be shut down at any time by using the On/Off selector switch. 

  • Steel base frame with purge holster
  • Limit switch actuation
  • Timer/Counter combination unit
  • Integrated shot timer
  • On/Off selector switch
  • Control valve with filter lubricator
  • Control enclosure & wires mounted to frame
  • Standard 15 ft. long power cord
  • Mount up to 20 ft. away from dispense unit

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