PDT 7000 2K Dispensing Gun

The PDT 7000 2K Dispensing Gun is perfect for many automated or manual applications of most two-part materials, providing a clean, precise bead. The balanced spool design draws back to close the valves, using a pressurized seal for extreme heavy-duty applications. The compact gun is perfect for robotic applications, or for manual operations when fitted with our electric-operated trigger handle. The gun easily adapts to a wide variety of dispensing tips as well.

  • Works with most 2-component formulations
  • Adapts to disposable & permanent mixers
  • Drawback design prevents drips
  • 5/16” diameter spool provides a high flow rate
  • Coated spool extends product life
  • #6 SAE ports for material inlets
  • Lubricated main body seal
  • Proven design, quality-checked build
  • Reliable post-sale service
  • Air-operated trigger handle
  • Electric-operated trigger handle
  • Direct mount
  • Rated @ 3000 psi working pressure
  • Air-operated, balanced spool design
  • Compact size: 2” x 2” x 8”

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