Side Window Primer Application and Inspection Cell

Handling two automotive side windows at once, this universal primer application and inspection cell features two Fanuc M20iAs that work together to accomplish their tasks. Depending on the window model and quantity of primer needed, this system can prime two pieces of glass and inspect its own work within 60 seconds.

The priming robot features a quick-disconnect tool allowing it to perform an automatic tip-change sequence, which ensures a precise primer path every time, while maximizing production yield.

Once primed, the material handling robot presents the glass to a vision system which applies a light blast of air to flash off the primer, reducing glare in order to allow the two cameras to verify that the primer path was applied correctly.

After passing inspection, the glass is placed on an indexing heater conveyor for curing prior to encapsulation.

This priming cell qualifies as universal because it can run nearly any variety of side window model, as long as the overall glass size is similar to those shown, or smaller.


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