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Assembly Applications

This particular fixture ran 6 different types of windows. Each window had the same clip, but they were in different orientation. The changeover to different models of windows was done through push button pins, and then the operator would manually change the fixture over.

This is a workstation for an operator to assembly a wire base to a plastic chair. This station ran many different color chairs, so there were color sensors to check that the correct chair was in the fixture.

HIL-MAN Automation offers a 2-post, adjustable height, table for lean manufacturing work cells. High side loads can be applied, even in the full up position, due to the unique bearing and drive combination. Gross loads of up to 800 pounds can be carried.

All bases can be ordered with a fixed position that can be retrofitted with an off-the-shelf adjustability kit. The adjustable height drive only requires 110v.

Price List for HIL-MAN Automation #2-32-500 Table

This particular work cell inspected parts, and packed them into totes. There were multiple cameras, a bowl feeder, a robot, as well as a couple conveyors.

This particular machine assembled a windshield for Ford. It applied an elkamet, seal, 2 solder terminals, and 2 rubber bumpers. This cart operated stand alone, or in a robotic work cell.

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