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Robotic Priming and Bonding Work Cell


When there are multiple pieces to a window assembly, it may make sense to automate a complete work cell to assemble a window. For this application we were assembling a rear slider for a pick-up truck. This incorporated a conveyor fed work cell where a robot would pick up the raw glass, and place it into a priming station where the robot would prime the windows. From there the material handling robot would place it in a cure rack to let the primer cure. From there the robot takes it to a bonding station. For this application due to volumes and cycle times there are 2 bonding stations. An operator loads the rails, clips, and seal that need to be bonded to the window. The bonding robot will put glue on all the necessary pieces. Once the components are loaded, and the urethane is applied the material handler robot will load the primed glass into the bonding station. Once load the bonding fixture applies all necessary components to the window. This work cells also had a 10 camera vision system for checking the parts.